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At Hirshon Associates we believe that you deserve optimal financial returns. That’s why we pool the knowledge and the experience of our staff of bankers, financiers, engineers and real estate management professionals. Integrating state-of-the-art technology, we use our talents to analyze highly accurate property information and crucial financial and market considerations so that you can define your real estate needs. Then we carefully plan, design and implement a strong, customized marketing program – one that responds to the current market conditions. We assure that you are well positioned to achieve your investment goals expeditiously, despite any vagaries of the market.

Assured Income Plays

A turn key and hassle free approach when coupled with aggressive incentive packages mitigates market risk and promotes long term hold strategies.

Value Plays

Slow and steady are these markets. Investors who go with value plays are typically in markets that are not seeing big incentives or discounts simply because the markets are more in balance and there is no need for developers to be very aggressive with the investor community.

Tax Shelter Plays

For investors looking for the advantage of tax incentives offered by the government to help rebuild. Places like the GO ZONE and Liberty Zone.

Vulture Opportunity Plays

Since multiple units purchases are typically required in order to obtain these discounts Vulture Plays are for serious players only, i.e. High Net Worth Individual Investors, Partnerships, Hedge Funds and International Investment Groups that are looking to acquire units in bulk at wholesale pricing.

Triple Net Lease Plays

For the advanced investors, learn about the methods and opportunities used by the affluent to increase their portfolios with long term, credit rated corporations as your tenants, and in certain circumstances have your tenants pay for all incidentals in management of your Investment Property making these investments truly turnkey. Tenant & Cap Rates vary by market.